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Five Quick Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a house can be hard because of the large amount of money involved, and stress of moving, but if you’re engaged in the process and willing to do some basic work, you can make the process much easier. Here are five tips to help you sell your home faster.

1. Repair

It's time for all those little fixes you’ve been meaning to get to. Basic repairs need to be done before you put your house on the market. Something that might take an afternoon to repair or cost $100 to fix could mean thousands of dollars less on offers you receive or even turn potential buyers away from the house entirely. Be sure to replace every burned out bulb, fix any leaky faucet, replace any dirty or cracked tub caulk, etc. If it’s on the “Honey-do” list, now’s the time to do it. A few hours or weekends of work will save you thousands and if it’s something you can’t fix, get a professional to do it for you. You can almost always find a local handyman or plumber to help with things you can’t handle for relatively inexpensive.

2. Replace

If your home was built more than 15-20 years ago and you haven’t done any major updates during that time, then it’s time to think about replacing finishes (including paint) to appeal to as many buyers as possible. You don’t always have to renovate your entire home, but small updates can really get you the most bang for your buck. If you have carpet that’s older than 5-7 years old, it’s likely time to replace it. Hardwood floors are at the top of the list for most buyers, but you could also look at high-end laminate or wood-look tile. All 3 of those options are improvements that will interest potential buyers. Consider replacing the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms with simple, contemporary, brushed silver accents. The silver will reflect the light in the kitchen, making the space feel brighter. It’s a little like adding chrome accents to a classic car. It’s also easy and very inexpensive to replace older faucets and light fixtures. Silver is currently the most popular accent finish because it is neutral and adds shine. New light fixtures can also add incredible value to your home and cost little to replace.

3. Reduce

Clutter is the enemy when selling a home. Clutter is anything that covers up the home and its features. If you’re selling your home that likely means you’re already moving to a new location. If that’s the case, begin your packing early and work on getting rid of around 75% of what you have in the home. That includes books, clothes, childrens’ toys, collections, paperwork, family photos or personal items, etc. During showings and open houses, strangers will be walking through your home and looking into closets, cabinets, and drawers. If you’re worried a child could take or damage something, it’s better to pack it away for your new home so you don’t have to worry about it while selling.

4. Repurpose

Everyone lives a different way in a home. Some people have home offices, some have kids with playrooms, some enjoy a music room with a piano. However, the best way to showcase your home’s assets is to show each room’s originally intended use. If you’re using the formal dining room as a kids’ play room, it’s better to highlight it as a dining room for those that don’t have children. Unfortunately, people have a hard time visualizing their furniture in a space if the current furniture doesn’t reflect their lifestlye. If you’re using a bedroom as a den, remove the furniture and turn it back into a bedroom. Extra bedrooms sell houses and if they see it as a den, potential buyers will wonder if there is enough space to relax as a family in this house.

5. Relax (and Hire a Stager!)

Home Stagers take the stress and guesswork out of trying to sell a home. Professionally trained Home Stagers have your best interests in mind and are here to help you sell faster and for top dollar. You can relax, knowing an expert can help you either make what you have look its best, or bring in furniture, art, and accessories that will appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers. Home Stagers can work with you or your agent to get the job done so you don’t have to lift a finger. The investment in home staging almost always pays for itself by reducing the number of mortgage payments you have to pay while the home sits on the market and by getting higher offers. It’s a win-win situation and you don’t have to leave money on the table when selling your home.

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