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This service includes a thorough walk-through of the property (interior and exterior) with the homeowner and/or real estate agent during which we provide feedback and instructions to help maximize interest and value in each space.  After the walk-through, we review the plan of action for each room. This service starts at $100 per hour.



We offer vacant and occupied staging. During home staging, we utilize our resources, expertise, and experience to implement the plan of action created during the consultation.  This service involves arranging furniture, sourcing the right accessories and art, decorating, organizing, and much more.  We try to give each home the "model home" look to give you the best possible listing and increase interest and offers.



New to the vacation rental business and need design help to get your listing ready for booking? Has your listing been lagging and you're not filling your booking calendar every month? Have you been getting lack-luster reviews and want to improve your guest experience and make your listing stand out? We can help! We offer both online/video consultations and in-person design services (contact for availability) including sourcing furniture, accessories, and non-perishable amenities.  No matter what your target market, location, or budget, we can help you get more & better quality bookings so you can put more money in your pocket. 

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Once you are settled into your new home, we can provide a decor consultation and assist you with picking new furniture or furniture placement to ensure your new home feels welcoming and reflects your personal style so you can relax and enjoy your new space.

Hand Holding Color Swatches


Not sure what color to paint your walls to go with the new floors?  Thinking about going with a new color scheme but afraid to take the leap and change everything?  We can help with a quick color consultation.  Picking the right paint color is key to making your space feel like home.

Christmas Dinner Table


As the seasons change and holidays approach we can help you brighten up your home with seasonal decor.  Whether it's freshening up with spring decor, adorning your home with the beautiful earth tones of autumn in time for your big Thanksgiving dinner, or decking the halls with bows of holly in time for your big holiday party, we'll make your space sparkle. Check one more thing off your long to-do list this holiday season.

Adrienne Young

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